Speech Finals

Congratulations to Alex and Amelia who represented Room 6 in the Kauri Speech Finals. Both of these girls did an amazing job and should be proud of their hard work. Alex came second in the Year 4 competition and Amelia came in first. Well Done girls!!!

Halswell Light Festival Kapa Haka Performance

Kai Pai to all the students who performed at the Halswell Light Festival on Thursday night. You all did a great job and made Oaklands very proud! Check out the videos below to have a look!

Dance Through the Ages

This term our integrated learning is about Dance Through the Ages. This is closely linked with the school production later in the year where 2 classes will be performing a dance from a certain era. We are buddied up with Rm 22 (our buddy class) and together we are going to learn a dance to 2 songs for our era - the 2000's.

Click on the songs below to go to the youtube clips and have a listen. Once we start learning the dance you will be able to practice at home too!

The Cha Cha Slide

Bye Bye Bye

Yesterday we started off our unit by discussing and brainstorming what we know about dance and what we want to find out over the term. It was great to see the amount of students who have learned a style of dance before and we will definitely be calling on their expertise as we work our way through choreographing our performance!

Brainstorming about Dance


Athletics day is coming up next Wednesday and we are busy practicing our skills for the different events...

On Monday we practiced our sprints and learned how to start the races properly.
On Tuesday we practiced our shot put skills and learned the correct way to push the shot through the air.

The other events we will be practicing for are: high jump, long jump, discus, long distance and relays.

Here we are with Rm 4 and 5 mastering our shot put skills:

Welcome Back!!

Kia Ora everyone and welcome back to Term 4!!! It was great hearing about all of your exciting adventures over the holidays!

This term is going to be filled with many exciting events including Athletics, Production and Gala. There are also some great opportunities for the Year 4's to get involved with basketball and touch rugby.

Just a few reminders:
  • Please ensure you have your hat at school every day this term, they can stay at school on your hook in the cloak bay.
  • This Friday is WACKY HAT mufti day! Check out the school newsletter on Wednesday to find out what to bring!
  • Basketball trials are tomorrow (Tues)
Looking forward to a great term!
Miss Lawrence

Wearable Arts!

Well Done to the two teams from Room 6 who entered the Wearable Arts Competition! You did a fantastic job creating your outfits and they looked great!

Here are Laura and Tracy...
Tracy: "I enjoyed making my costume"
Laura: "I enjoyed making the costume together"

Here are Alex and Wariesha...
Alex: "I enjoyed adding the finishing touches then seeing it. It looked quite cool"
Wariesha: "I liked getting to make it and share it with other people"

Come along to the Celebration of Learning tomorrow at 2pm to see these two teams parade their outfit for a final time!

Creating our Recycled Items

We have been using recycled items to create items of value. Students have chosen to either make something to hold flowers or plants without using tables to sit them on, or something to tidy and organise stationery. Here are a few pictures of our creations in progress. Thanks to all parents who sent along items!!! Making our recycled items! on PhotoPeach


Kia Ora everyone, Today was the first day of our fortnightly swimming lessons and we had a great time down at Starfish Swim School. The class enjoyed getting in the water and I can see this is going to be a valuable time for students skill and confidence in the water. Here are a few snaps from today...

Horrible Hands!

The Hoiho reading group have been learning about instructions and the different features that are used to make instructions successful. We have read a range of instructions but after reading this one we did the activity... 'How to Make Horrible Hands!'

Horrible Hands on PhotoPeach

Farewell Molly!

This term we have been very lucky to have Molly in our class. Molly came all the way from China and spent the last 3 weeks in Room 6.

Today was Molly's last day which was very sad but we wish her well in her future and hope to keep in touch with her via email and skype.

Today Molly told us all about China and also taught us to write some Chinese characters. Some of them were very tricky!


'Waste of Time' Trip

Last Friday we went to the Eco-Sort, Eco-Drop and Eco-Shop.

At the Eco-Sort we learnt all about the 5 R's to do with rubbish and recycling. It was very hands on and we found out what happens to all of our recycling once it leaves our houses!

To see the process the recycling goes through click here.
You can also click here to go to the Christchurch City Council website which has a lot more information. If you scroll to the bottom there is a video of the process.

After we went to the Eco-Sort we drove through the Eco-Drop to see the different things that get dropped off. There were fridges, drawers, fans, even snowboards!
All of these things get taken to the Eco-Store where they are sold.

At the Eco-Shop we buddied up and had to jump forward in time to when we were going flatting. We had $500 of virtual money to set up a flat (there will be some interesting flats out there!)

We all learnt something new on this trip and the 2 main things we are going to focus on are:
1. Putting our rubbish in the right bins
2. Taking the tops off plastic bottles before we put them in the recycling bin.

Thanks to all of the parents who came along! We had a great time :)

Instructional Writing for Term 3

Kia Ora!

Welcome back to Term 3!

To kick the term off in writing we are looking at writing instructions. Yesterday we made slime (oobleck) and looked at the steps we took and how to set out the instructions. Over the next few weeks we will be writing our own instructions for different things and hopefully we will be able to make a few things along the way.

Here are some photos of the gooey slime!