Our Amazing Picasso Art!

Well here they are! The amazing Picasso art from Room 6!! We used pastel to create these and tried to fill in all of the white gaps to make our colours stand out. We then went around our outlines with black to put the final touches on our portraits.

Feel free to come in and visit these amazing pieces of art up close!

RESILIENCE - Saving Fred!

This week we have been looking at resilience and what it means to be a resilient learner both in the classroom and in the playground.
We think that resilience means:
Always giving 100% effort
Try, try, try!
Never give up
Use strategies to help us

We took part in an activity to test our resilience.
Below is a photo of the set up of our activity. We had to rescue Fred the gummy worm by placing the life saver around him. Fred was not allowed to touch the paper/table and the only thing we were allowed to use to move everything around was 4 paper clips.

Some of us worked really well together and managed (after much frustration) to complete the challenge! We had a discussion about how we felt during this activity and some of us felt confused, frustrated, grumpy and angry. We then talked about how even though it was challenging and we felt like that we showed resilience by not giving up and trying our best.


I look forward to watching Room 6 put the skill of resilience into practice during the year!!!

 Here are some photos of us trying to save Fred:

The Future Picasso's

We have been looking at portrait art by Pablo Picasso. We have been exploring his style of painting and what makes his portraits unique. After looking at some of his art we set out to create our own Picasso portraits. Our face's are divided in half in our portraits because Picasso often painted a front on and a side on view in one picture. Here are some photos of us getting started with our art. More photos will be added once the portraits have been completed.

Haere Mai and Welcome to Room 6!


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