Tonight we had the school disco! The theme was wacky hair...check out our crazy hair do's:
 Maxina and Abby
 Rishab, Jakob, Adam and Lachlan
 Elizabteh, Portia and Ella
 Elizabeth, Abby and Maxina
 Jonathan (Adam's little brother) and Adam
 Ella and Portia
Paige and Laura

Goodbye Alex!

Today we said goodbye to the wonderful Alex who is moving up to Tauranga.

Alex, we hope you enjoy your new school and make some great new friends. We will miss your bubbly personality and sense of humor. All the best for your future, don't forget to email us and to comment on our blog!

From Room 6!

Having fun before Alex leaves:

Our Mihi

We have been learning our mihi and working on using the correct pronunciation.

Here is the template we use so you can practice at home!


We are beginning a unit on measurement looking mainly at weight.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon looking at estimating weight by trying to put our school bags in order from heaviest to lightest.

We learned that even though someones bag might be the biggest it doesn't mean it is the heaviest.

Here are some photos of us working together to order our bags :)

Even more Giraffes...

CARE Awards!

Well done to Jerry who has received his first Community Award and is very close to receiving his Bronze Award!!!

More Giraffe Reports

Kauri Team Respect Award

Congratulations to Maxina who was awarded the Room 6 Respect award for the fortnight. Maxina always shows respect to her class mates as well as teachers by listening and helping out when needed. She is always very polite to others!

Well Done!

Mathlete of the Week (Week 6)

Congratulations to Lily who won the Year 4 Mathletics Mathlete of the Week with 13, 271 points in one week!!!!

Giraffe Information Reports

 This term we have been learning about writing information reports. An information report should have:

- a title
- an introduction
- sub-headings
- paragraphs
- precise words
- conclusions
- some have pictures/diagrams/photos and text boxes

We are using audioboo to publish our reports verbally.

As we finish recording them we will upload them to our class blog.


Room 6 CARE awards!

Congratulations to Tracy, Jerry, Amelia, Lily, Laura and Alexandra for receiving their first EXCELLENCE award! These were well deserved as they have been working very hard on showing this value at school.

There are lots of other students who are very close to achieving their first award!

Well Done!!!

Live It Up

Our integrated topic this term is 'Live it Up'. We are focusing on classifying living and non-living things as well as animal habitats.

Tying in with this was our trip to Orana Park earlier this term. Despite the weather everyone had a great trip and enjoyed learning about classifying different animals and learned a lot about mammals, birds and reptiles. We were really lucky enough to go into the giraffe enclosure/house and get up close with Harriet the baby giraffe who is only 6 months old.

Since our trip to Orana Park there has been very in depth discussions about animals and students have absorbed the information and are using it in their reading and writing.

Most recently we have been learning about using MRS GREN to know if something is living - ask your students to try and remember what each letter stands for!

Photos of our trip will follow shortly!