Y4 Sleepover!

What an awesome day and night we had at the Y4 Sleepover! Check out this blog page Mr F made with lots of photos around the school. The photos from at The Groynes will follow shortly. Highlights included: Blindfold partner games, colours, fish n chips, delicious home baking, sleeping at school, trying to stay up all night, flying kiwi, orienteering, bivvy building, team games and the R5 girls great play.

Cultural Festival

An amazing effort by the Kauri Kapa Haka group at Monday night's Cultural Festival performance. If you haven't seen it already check it out!!!

Drama - Open & Close

Today we spent the afternoon doing a Drama Activity called 'Open & Close'. As a class we read the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance' and had to come up with 4-5 freeze frame actions to tell the story. In small groups we brainstormed and planned our freeze frames and performed them to the class.

The audience starts with their eyes closed while the group gets into the first freeze frame. When they hear 'OPEN' they open to see the action and CLOSE their eyes again while the group gets in position. It is like seeing different shots from a movie without all of the movement in between!

Here is a photo of each of the groups in one of their scenes. We had some very impressive facial expressions today!

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Symmetry Creations

As a part of our Symmetry study we had the challenge to make a symmetrical design using geometric shapes. Check out some of the awesome designs below!

We have been learning about symmetrical shapes, symmetrical designs, shapes with more than one line of symmetry and finding symmetry in everyday life. It is amazing how many things in our school environment involve symmetry.

ASB Getwise Lesson

Today we participated in a lesson with an ASB educator. We learned...

  • that before money people used to trade to get what they wanted
  • the first money was REALLY heavy!
  • to spend some and save some of our money (rather than spending ALL of it)
  • to shop around when we want to buy something so we get the best deal
Here is a chant we were taught to remember to SHOP AROUND!

Gymnastics Fun!

This week we have learned 4 gymnastics moves: pike, tuck, stretch and straddle. We spent some time practising different ways to do these e.g. lying down, on the side and standing up. We also did some mirror activities where we had to copy a partner and give them instructions. It is great to have a couple of students who do gymnastics as a sport who can show us how it's done. A big thanks to Ella for sharing her expertise with us and demonstrating the different moves :)

 Pou demonstrating a 'tuck'



This term we are focusing on Drama for Integrated Learning. We have begun the unit by having a Drama Interchange where students went to different classes for 30 min Drama activities. Room 6 went to: R6, R7, R9 and R12.

In Room 6 we learned about mime and had to put on a mini performance with no noise or props. We were given a card with a scenario on it and acted it out for the rest of the class to guess. Here are some photos of us in action!


For the next 3 weeks we will be focusing on Geometry in Maths. This is going to involve learning all about 2D and 3D shapes as well as symmetry.

We have kicked off the unit by exploring the names of shapes and looking at their features (sides, corners and faces).

We have also been doing some games, activities and challenges to do some shapes. Here are a couple of photos from our first few sessions :)

Square rod problem solving challenge

What shapes can be made with a geo board?

Striking and Fielding Games

In PE this term we have been focusing on the different skills needed to strike and field using balls and bats. We have been practising these skills through a range of fun games and activities. Here are a selection of photos from our most recent PE session. For this particular activity students had to bounce the ball off a spot before hitting the wickets. After lots of practise we improved our aiming skills!

ANZAC Baking

I hope you all got to sample to ANZAC Biscuits that were sent home yesterday! We all had a lot of fun learning about the origins of ANZAC Biscuits and then making them to share! YUM!

(One of the most exciting parts....venturing into the STAFF ROOM!!!)

Feelings Videos

Kia Ora all,

Here are our videos we made about dealing with different feelings at school. This was our first time using the iMovie app and we have experimented with adding in photos, audio and video. We have learned a lot from creating these videos including: holding the iPad the same way for the whole movie, talking loudly enough for the microphone to pick up, finding a quiet area to film in and adding in appropriate sound effects.

We hope you enjoy watching these :)


For the last 2 weeks of the term we are looking at Probability and Chance as our maths topic.
We have been using the language of Probability (impossible, unlikely, likely and certain) to look at the likelihood of an event happening.

We have been exploring probability and chance by doing some mini investigations using spinners, dice and cards.

Here are some photos of us in action:

 Nick investigates with his spinner
 Pou investigates with his spinner
 Amber and Charlotte investigate chance with cards playing a game called 'In Between'
 Ethan and Jessica investigate chance with cards playing a game called 'In Between'
Daniel and Pippa investigate chance with cards playing a game called 'In Between'

Storm Poems

Here are our storm poems from last week. 
The learning goal was to use our 5 senses to describe something and what better to describe than the storm that was happening around us!
We used an app called Aviary on the iPads or the website www.fotor.com to publish them and learned how to save an image on the computer or iPad and then edit the text over top.
We hope you enjoy!

(Some are still to come)