Storm Poems

Here are our storm poems from last week. 
The learning goal was to use our 5 senses to describe something and what better to describe than the storm that was happening around us!
We used an app called Aviary on the iPads or the website to publish them and learned how to save an image on the computer or iPad and then edit the text over top.
We hope you enjoy!

(Some are still to come) 

Rugby Mad Crusaders Fans!

What an awesome day yesterday!!!

We were lucky enough to have Kieran Read and Tim Perry, two of the Canterbury Crusaders, come to Oaklands School for an hour.

In preparation for this we used a thinking tool called SOLO hexagons to look at rugby and the Crusaders.

First we all thought of as many words/phrases/pictures that described our topic on our own sheet of hexagons - one idea per hexagon:

Then we cut them all up and met up with our talking partner. The task was to join the hexagons together in some way so that the side of the hexagons that were touching had a connection that could be explained. E.g. Rugby ball could connect to rugby players because rugby players use the ball to play the game and without it it wouldn't be the same game. The challenging part was explaining the connections because it might connect well with one hexagon but not with another. Here are some photos of us working with our talking partners:

After we had worked with our talking partners and explained some of our connections we made we came together to see if we could make a big class one....We managed to find connections between all of our individual hexagons AND explain why they were connected...Here is the finished result!