Gymnastics Fun!

This week we have learned 4 gymnastics moves: pike, tuck, stretch and straddle. We spent some time practising different ways to do these e.g. lying down, on the side and standing up. We also did some mirror activities where we had to copy a partner and give them instructions. It is great to have a couple of students who do gymnastics as a sport who can show us how it's done. A big thanks to Ella for sharing her expertise with us and demonstrating the different moves :)

 Pou demonstrating a 'tuck'



This term we are focusing on Drama for Integrated Learning. We have begun the unit by having a Drama Interchange where students went to different classes for 30 min Drama activities. Room 6 went to: R6, R7, R9 and R12.

In Room 6 we learned about mime and had to put on a mini performance with no noise or props. We were given a card with a scenario on it and acted it out for the rest of the class to guess. Here are some photos of us in action!


For the next 3 weeks we will be focusing on Geometry in Maths. This is going to involve learning all about 2D and 3D shapes as well as symmetry.

We have kicked off the unit by exploring the names of shapes and looking at their features (sides, corners and faces).

We have also been doing some games, activities and challenges to do some shapes. Here are a couple of photos from our first few sessions :)

Square rod problem solving challenge

What shapes can be made with a geo board?