Drama - Open & Close

Today we spent the afternoon doing a Drama Activity called 'Open & Close'. As a class we read the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance' and had to come up with 4-5 freeze frame actions to tell the story. In small groups we brainstormed and planned our freeze frames and performed them to the class.

The audience starts with their eyes closed while the group gets into the first freeze frame. When they hear 'OPEN' they open to see the action and CLOSE their eyes again while the group gets in position. It is like seeing different shots from a movie without all of the movement in between!

Here is a photo of each of the groups in one of their scenes. We had some very impressive facial expressions today!

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Symmetry Creations

As a part of our Symmetry study we had the challenge to make a symmetrical design using geometric shapes. Check out some of the awesome designs below!

We have been learning about symmetrical shapes, symmetrical designs, shapes with more than one line of symmetry and finding symmetry in everyday life. It is amazing how many things in our school environment involve symmetry.

ASB Getwise Lesson

Today we participated in a lesson with an ASB educator. We learned...

  • that before money people used to trade to get what they wanted
  • the first money was REALLY heavy!
  • to spend some and save some of our money (rather than spending ALL of it)
  • to shop around when we want to buy something so we get the best deal
Here is a chant we were taught to remember to SHOP AROUND!