Ye-Young wins Maori Language Week Comp!

A HUGE, HUGE, HUGE congratulations to Ye-Young who won 1st prize in the Year 3/4 category for the Maori Language Week Competition through Te Wananga o Aotearoa. Ye-Young's entry was one of 1699 across New Zealand so we are so proud of her for winning 1st place!

As a prize she has won a $100 gift voucher and goodie bag for herself along with a few copies of the book her winning entry is printed in! She also won for the school a $1000 book voucher!!! 

What a superstar!!! 

Zara and Ella's Highland Dancing

This afternoon Zara and Ella gave us a demonstration of their Highland Dancing. It is great to see students getting involved with the Community and taking part in a variety of activities. A lot of hard work has gone into learning these moves and it was excellent to see this after hearing about different competitions and events throughout the year! Ella also did a dance in the Talent Quest so we have our fingers crossed that she makes the finals!!!

Chooknology Water Devices

We Today the water group started to build their models of their water collection devices to provide water to our 4 chickens. We have been following the design process of: 

Identify problem -- brainstorm -- design -- build -- test and evaluate -- redesign -- share solution. 

We are at the design stage as we are making a small prototype before one design gets selected to be made full size. 

Here we are hard at work making our models: 


Each Friday this term we have done Gymnastics in the school hall. We have learned many different rolls, positions and movements and are now putting them together in sequences we have made with a buddy. Our sequences had to include things at different heights, 3 different rolls and they had to be in sync.

It took a lot of planning and practise but they look awesome! 

Fantastic Fractions

We have begun a Maths unit on fractions for the remainder of the term. As a part of this we work in small groups and rotate around different activities. One of the rotations is games and we have learned some fraction games to help us with our new learning. This game is called Fraction Comparison and the goal is to make the fraction shown on the dice and compare them with the players. If you have the biggest one you win! You can play this at home by drawing the fractions or cutting up circles!


We have been hard at work this afternoon 'tangling'. 

Zentangle are a creative way to relax and explore different patterns and lines. We have been focusing on animals and have all done a thick outline. Most have begun filling in the animals with our 'tangles'. There are lots of patterns to try as well as a creative license to invent your own patterns and designs. We have a few things to do before our Zentangles are finished but here are a few snaps of us hard at work! 

Mass Maths Fun

During our Maths Strand Rotations we have been learning to measure items using grams and kilograms as well as work out how to covert g to kg and visa versa. This group of students used their new knowledge of reading scales accurately and measuring out items to make lollycake. They used different types of scales and all of the groups lollycake turned out a success and was enjoyed by everyone!!! 

Balloon Rockets!

In Science we have been learning about different forces. We made balloon rockets and discussed and observed the forces in action.

Buddy Reading

We have been having weekly sessions with our buddies in Room 20. When we work with them we listen to their reading and help them when they are stuck. Sometimes we share our learning with them or read them a story we like. 

Addition Wars

Today we learned a new game to help reinforce our basic fact knowledge. It's a simple and fun game to play and all you need is some playing cards which means it is easy to teach mums and dads to play at home! It can also be played as Subtraction Wars! Here is Annabel and Sophie battling it out:

Run, Bike, Run Awards

Congratulations to Kade and Jonathan who took out 2nd place in the Year 4 Run, Bike, Rub teams event!!!

Well done to Ella, Karlie and Zara who took out first, second and third place for the year 4 girls race!! 

Book Shelf Masters!

Thank you to Jasper, Sam and Kade for their very tidy efforts organising our bookshelves this afternoon!! 

What do we know about chickens?

This year the Year 4 team are in charge of looking after the Food Forest and our awesome chickens! We have just begun a unit on chickens and will be looking at the life cycle of a chicken, different habitats, how to care for chickens and more.

To begin our unit and get an idea of what we already know we had 3 activities to complete. These were done with little help from Mrs Baker so she knew exactly what we do/don't know...

  1. Draw and label a picture of a chicken
  2. True or False chicken facts
  3. Hexagons - coming up with and connecting ideas about chickens
Below are some photos of us working through the True or False questions and also using some excellent thinking while we connected our hexagons together.