Addition Wars

Today we learned a new game to help reinforce our basic fact knowledge. It's a simple and fun game to play and all you need is some playing cards which means it is easy to teach mums and dads to play at home! It can also be played as Subtraction Wars! Here is Annabel and Sophie battling it out:

Run, Bike, Run Awards

Congratulations to Kade and Jonathan who took out 2nd place in the Year 4 Run, Bike, Rub teams event!!!

Well done to Ella, Karlie and Zara who took out first, second and third place for the year 4 girls race!! 

Book Shelf Masters!

Thank you to Jasper, Sam and Kade for their very tidy efforts organising our bookshelves this afternoon!! 

What do we know about chickens?

This year the Year 4 team are in charge of looking after the Food Forest and our awesome chickens! We have just begun a unit on chickens and will be looking at the life cycle of a chicken, different habitats, how to care for chickens and more.

To begin our unit and get an idea of what we already know we had 3 activities to complete. These were done with little help from Mrs Baker so she knew exactly what we do/don't know...

  1. Draw and label a picture of a chicken
  2. True or False chicken facts
  3. Hexagons - coming up with and connecting ideas about chickens
Below are some photos of us working through the True or False questions and also using some excellent thinking while we connected our hexagons together. 

Self Awareness a Award

Congratulations to Natalie for receiving this fortnights award! Natalie is great and knowing where she works best and is always making good choices about her learning.