We have been hard at work this afternoon 'tangling'. 

Zentangle are a creative way to relax and explore different patterns and lines. We have been focusing on animals and have all done a thick outline. Most have begun filling in the animals with our 'tangles'. There are lots of patterns to try as well as a creative license to invent your own patterns and designs. We have a few things to do before our Zentangles are finished but here are a few snaps of us hard at work! 

Mass Maths Fun

During our Maths Strand Rotations we have been learning to measure items using grams and kilograms as well as work out how to covert g to kg and visa versa. This group of students used their new knowledge of reading scales accurately and measuring out items to make lollycake. They used different types of scales and all of the groups lollycake turned out a success and was enjoyed by everyone!!!