Phases of the Moon

Our Integrated Learning is on Planet Earth and Beyond so all of the Year 4 classes are rotating around different teachers for a one off lesson with some background information about the moon, stars, planets and sun.

Today in Room 13 we learned about the Phases of the Moon and had a go at creating them using Oreo biscuits!!!

The new moon and full moon were easy but it was challenging to figure out some of the other phases.

Year 4 Sleepover!

We had an fun filled time at the Year 4 Sleepover! Check out some of our adventures below...

WALT use metaphor to describe something

Have a read through our slides to see the metaphors we came up with for the moon, sea and clouds.
We came up with a shared poem together then wrote and published our own poem on a shared slideshow.

Cultural Festival Video

What an awesome night on Tuesday!

Oaklands School are very proud of everyone who performed! Check out the amazing performance below...

What do we know about The Olympics?

Most of Room 13 were only 4 when The Olympics were last held so it will be interesting learning about this exciting event.

We worked together in groups of 2-3 to come up with up to 10 ideas we had about The Olympics. It could be anything! These are the white hexagons.

Then we were given a sheet of 10 ideas about The Olympics (the green hexagons).

This activity was all about connecting ideas and explaining the connections we made for example "excellence" can be connected with "medals" because athletes are awarded medals for achieving excellence in their event.

Here we are making our connections. You can see all of the groups learning on the back wall of our class!

Transplanting our Snowpeas

Earlier in the term when we went to Oderings Nursery we were shown the correct way to plant seeds and given the tray of snow peas that were used for the demonstration. We have been taking good care of the these and they have finally grown large enough for us to transplant into some garden beds around the school.

We had to collect soil to fill the planter boxes
One of the challenges was separating the seedlings as all of the roots had tangled together. 

Next it was time to fill up the planter boxes and re-plant our seedlings!

All hands on deck!!

A job well done and some very happy gardners!


We have been learning about the difference between prisms and pyramids and the names of some of these shapes. 

We also have been problem solving using shapes! Trying to come up with different types of shapes and also trying to make shapes out of equipment. 


We are learning about 2D and 3D shapes. 

We have been learning about the different names for shapes as well as the attributes they have (edges, faces, sides, corners/vertices) and using this learning to talk about and group different shapes. 

One day we even went out to find shapes within our school environment and now we are noticing them everywhere!!! 

Student Council

Congratulations to Neeve and Ben who were voted in by Room 13 to be our Student Council Representatives. So far they have done a fantastic job and are getting really stuck into their new role! 

Healthy Eating in Room 13

We have just launched into a unit on Healthy Eating which will be supported by a visit from Harold the Giraffe and the Life Education team later in the term. 

To kick off our unit we spent some time answering questions about what we already know about eating. These questions were: 

- Why do we eat?
- Where does food come from?
- What is healthy food/drink?

We wrote as many ideas as we could think of on post it notes and stuck them up around the questions. On Friday a group of 6 students spent some time organising and grouping these ideas and now we can see what we know and what we need to learn.

Look at all of our ideas!!!

Voting for the NZ Flag

I'm We have been learning about the Flag Referendum process as well as the 2 flags that are in the running to be our countries flag. We have looked at symbols and colours that are special to New Zealand and also those that are special to us. With this information we designed a flag to represent us, one to represent New Zealand and one that combined the two together. On Wednesday we were involved in the Kauri Team voting where we got our name marked off by an issuing officer before casting our vote. 

The final tally was:
- The current flag - 170 votes
- The new flag - 160 votes

We also spent some time writing on Wednesday about our opinion on the flag. There are some very passionate students in Room 13 on both sides of the flag debate!!