Multicultural Day

What an awesome day today! It was fantastic to see so many different cultures represented in our class and everyone was really proud to share about their outfits and things special to their culture.

We were lucky enough to have Cecillia (Jun's Mum) and Christina (a R14 student's Mum) come in and share their Chinese culture with us. They taught us how to use chopsticks and we practised on banana chips, jellybeans and M&Ms! It is harder than it looks!!!

The Multicultural Assembly was lots of fun and we were especially proud of Jun from our class doing two performances!

Jun breaking a board

Jun is in the red and black lion!


Learning about Chinese culture
Researching a country and designing a slides

Playing games from different cultures

All of our outfits

Buddy Reading

This week was our first Buddy Reading session with Room 23 - our Kākano buddy class. Every fortnight we will practise being good leaders by helping our Year 2 buddies with their Reading before Assembly. This is something everyone has been looking forward to doing and we can't wait to see our buddies improve throughout the term!

Juicy Tomatoes from our GARDEN!

YUM!!! We got to try tomatoes from our very own school garden! Thanks to Mr McAven for bringing in tomatoes on crackers for us to try. For some of us it was a first!

The Food Forest

Part of our responsibility as Year 4 students will be to take care of the Food Forest behind Room 12 and 13 throughout the year. Today we went out their with our Writer's Journals and recorded down some words and pictures that relate to our 5 senses in the Food Forest. We are going to use these ideas for a short piece of Writing.

Week One's Learning!

Click on the slide show below and flick through some photos of our first week's learning!

Newsletter #1

Hi everyone,

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