Healthy Eating in Room 13

We have just launched into a unit on Healthy Eating which will be supported by a visit from Harold the Giraffe and the Life Education team later in the term. 

To kick off our unit we spent some time answering questions about what we already know about eating. These questions were: 

- Why do we eat?
- Where does food come from?
- What is healthy food/drink?

We wrote as many ideas as we could think of on post it notes and stuck them up around the questions. On Friday a group of 6 students spent some time organising and grouping these ideas and now we can see what we know and what we need to learn.

Look at all of our ideas!!!

Voting for the NZ Flag

I'm We have been learning about the Flag Referendum process as well as the 2 flags that are in the running to be our countries flag. We have looked at symbols and colours that are special to New Zealand and also those that are special to us. With this information we designed a flag to represent us, one to represent New Zealand and one that combined the two together. On Wednesday we were involved in the Kauri Team voting where we got our name marked off by an issuing officer before casting our vote. 

The final tally was:
- The current flag - 170 votes
- The new flag - 160 votes

We also spent some time writing on Wednesday about our opinion on the flag. There are some very passionate students in Room 13 on both sides of the flag debate!!

Our New Chickens!!!

Today the Year 4 students got together to draw out the names for our new chickens. We then announced these at assembly this afternoon. Check out the slideshow to see the names!